20 unnumbered pages 22 x 15cm. Text by Katharine Meynell, images and design by Susan Johanknecht and Katharine Meynell, transparent book of alternating archival plastic sleeves and sheets. Three screen print images, two translucent white and one red-brown.  Five encapsulated plastic bags, hair, wire, wax, four photographic transparencies; sewn using hot needles, fishing line and linen threads. Text 12 point Times screen printed red-brown with colophon and 72pt Times Outline title on cover in white. Vellum strip binding designed by Claire Van Vliet and sewn at Gefn Press, with drafting film slipcase.


Publication assisted by a grant from the Arts Council of Great Britain and the London Arts Board, this collaboration was part of the project Book Works: A Women’s Perspective. Distributed by Book Works, London 1992, 150 numbered copies signed by SJ and KM, out of print